Perren Street Parade are Colin Read & Peter West. 

The band started life in London in 1986/1987 after an advert was placed in Melody Maker.

Eight months of songwriting & rehearsing produced a 6 song demo produced by Tony Cohen,

known for his work with The Birthday Party

The band had interest from Creation Records

[Alan McGee's band Biff Bang Pow! used the same North London rehearsal studio]

It all came to nothing and the band split no gigs, no releases.

Move on two and half decades and the band have all gone their separate ways:

Claus Castenskiolds a successful painter and artist see Fall, Gun Club etc

Phil Shoenfelt a successful solo artist and author check out his website

Colin & Peter continued for a while under the name Like.

They got back together in 2014 to record the Perren Street Parade's long over due debut album, 

"Selling The Family Silver" which was released to positive reviews.

The follow up album "The Looking Glass" was released in the Autumn of 2015.

One reviewer stated that the album needed to be absorbed by musical osmosis,

we couldn't have put it better ourselves.

2017 has bought some band chnages with Peter running his own business now & enlarging his family.

These demanded a lot from his time so  it was decided that Colin would make a solo album. 

Things are progressing well, the project is about half completed.

More details to follow nearer completion.

The Perren's will return at somepoint in the future, in the meantime there are 2 albums to listen to & the upcoming release of Colin's solo album.