Colin Read was born in Devizes, Wiltshire, on the 15th of July 1967.

Spent his childhood years living between the counties of Hampshire & Wiltshire.

Finally settling in Devizes for his teenage life.

Here he would make many good friends, but two in particular would stand the tests of life.

Peter West who was born just 13 days earlier & who would be a life long friend & musical brother.

Tim Henly (slightly older than the other two) with whom he would form the first band with Peter.

After school finished and the reality of life in Britain under Thatcher sunk in there was but one option:

Move to London!

Once settled, Peter followed & so another band was to be formed:

"Perren Street Parade".

They sounded very good stirring interest from Creation Records.

When that spark had burned out, the two friends returned to Devizes.

There they once again called on Tim & the band that was to become "Like" was formed.

Colin then moved to Southampton & the band & more importantly the friends lost touch.

All three then settled in to an adult life & all that it in tales.

Peter & Tim would form "Browfort" in the fullness of time, 

while Colin played in a few bands in & around Southampton.

Via social media Peter & Colin reconnected & the spark of what would become Perren Street MK 2 was formed.

They released two great albums & would have carried on for more, 

but for Peter having the opportunity to run his own business.


Colin had many songs and decided to release them as a solo artist & here he is.

Labelled as "dream pop" his songs cascade with musical colour, dream imagery, lush guitars & vocals.

Nov. '18.